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Lynn Edwards
and Julia Lawless
This edition 2006 p/b
First published in 2002 as The Natural Paint Book

Many people are aware of the dangers posed by conventional paints to our health and environment but are unsure about natural alternatives. This book bridges that information gap by explaining the components and properties of conventional and eco-paints. With step-by-step instructions and photographs it shows how to make beautiful and hard wearing paint and finishes from readily available ingredients.
The book also shows you how to create beautiful paint effects for your home. Guided by the authors' expert design advice you will learn how to chooses the paints and techniques to decorate in keeping with the age and character of your home.
Paints and finishes covered include: caseins, distempers, lime paints, eco emulsions, wood stains, oils & waxes and gloss paints.
One of the authors, Lynn Edwards, used to work here at the Green Shop. As stated above, this book is the same as The Natural Paint Book but has the suppliers list updated.

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Inside the greenshop:

Our natural range has been chosen because it is gentle on your body and kind to the planet. Whether you are looking for simple paraben free bodycare or an indulgent luxurious organic product our enticing collection is just right for you.
Books and DVDs
If you are just beginning to scratch the surface or want in-depth specialist information, our books are carefully chosen and thoroughly researched. There is inspiration and information for all ages, from eco building and architecture, energy and gardening to arts and crafts.
Make a positive choice for yourself and the environment by choosing cleaning products that are both natural and biodegradable, but at the same time comparable to conventional synthetics. Our range includes not only the classic green cleaners but also some unique products.
Energy and Recycling
A lot of people are now waking up to the idea of renewable energy and recycling. If you are concerned about the carbon footprint then take a look at our extensive range of innovative energy saving products: from light bulbs to electricity saving kits, from natural insulation to Sunpipes.
If you are thinking about giving but want to make sure your impact on the planet is nothing but good then why not buy green presents from the Greenshop as we have researched thoroughly the ethics of all the products and their suppliers. We have a lovely range of eco presents for friends and family of all ages from toys, gadgets and clothing to books and toiletries, which include being Fair Trade, organic, sustainable or recycled. You don't even have to leave the house, all you need do is sit back, relax and buy from us online.
Home and Garden
If you are concerned about the environment or simply want less chemicals and more natural products in your home we can help you make a difference. In the long run this can make a positive contribution to your daily life and also to others. Take a natural approach by choosing an eco-friendly lifestyle.
Natural Paint
The Green Shop offers the widest selection of natural and eco paints available in the UK and we have specialist knowledge built over 15 years sales to allow an easy transition into the world of natural and organic paints. Please note that colours may appear differently on your computer, we would always recommend trying tester pots before making a big decision. As with all natural paints we recommend ordering enough paint to complete a job to ensure consistent batch numbers, subtle differences may occur between batches.
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